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Welcome to Andra Bester Audiologist

We aim to deliver a friendly, high standard of professional services to all our patients.

There are some things in life on which you simply cannot compromise.

Hearing is one of them. 

Hearing connects us to people and our environment; the joy of a grandchild’s laugh, the pleasure in a shared moment, a sweet nothing whispered in your ear.   The child that needs to learn speech and language.  The importance of being able to listen in the classroom.

Quality of Life

Don’t compromise on your quality of life.

Professional Service

If you are suffering from hearing loss or having difficulty hearing speech in noisy environments, don’t settle for anything but the best solution.

Best Hearing Care

Whether you or a loved one is concerned about hearing loss, we are here to help




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What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are health-care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders in newborns, children and adults.  Audiology is a well-respected and highly recognized profession.

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Andra Bester Hearing Centre
Andra Bester Hearing Centre1 day ago
You get your eyes tested every year, book your yearly hearing test today and Andra Bester Hearing Centre.

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